Employee philanthropy

Volunteers who go above and beyond

Our employees are passionate about going above and beyond to help others through numerous community programs and initiatives. Employee volunteers support our community enrichment endeavors in many ways, including donating blood, reading to students, participating in fundraising activities and coordinating collection drives.

Matching gift programs

Colonial Life sponsors a matching gifts program that lets us directly support our employees' philanthropic efforts to nonprofit organizations and educational institutions. The program will match eligible gifts from a minimum of $50 to an aggregate maximum gift of $10,000 per employee, per calendar year. We provide matching gifts on a $2-for-$1 basis to accredited colleges, universities, graduate schools, secondary schools and elementary schools within the United States and Canada. Gifts to qualified nonprofit organizations are matched $1 for $1.

Employee participation gift

The employee participation gift is a $50 grant given to a qualified nonprofit on behalf of a Colonial Life employee who participated in an approved event. Events include walks, runs and bicycle rides. Tournaments of any kind do not qualify for the gift. The form must be filled out and sent to the organization who will return it to us after participation can be verified. We cannot reimburse employees for any fees or donations made toward any event. An employee can request up to five employee participation gifts in a calendar year.

Volunteer service grant

Colonial Life also sponsors a volunteer service grant program for employees. We will match $1 for each hour an employee volunteers, from a minimum of 50 hours ($50) up to 500 hours ($500) per year. An employee may report volunteered hours accumulated from a single and/or multiple eligible organizations and combine those hours to meet the minimum volunteer requirement.

By volunteering their time, providing financial contributions through our matching gifts program and utilizing our employee participation program, our employees positively impact numerous lives every day, and we're proud of their enthusiasm and commitment.