Colonial Life Vaccine Verifier™

A simple solution to support workforce health and safety

Colonial Life Vaccine Verifier eases the burden of vaccine management and provides increased peace of mind

Colonial Life recognizes how busy you already are, and we're here to help you navigate this new challenge. Colonial Life Vaccine Verifier is a simple way to verify vaccination status, manage exemptions and oversee testing compliance all in one place.

Colonial Life Vaccine Verifier includes


Vaccination verification support

Scrambling to keep track of employee vaccinations? Let our easy-to-use employee web app collect vaccination status details. An optional vaccine card image uploader is available.

Exemptions made easy

Don’t let exemptions complicate an already tricky situation. Colonial Life Vaccine Verifier’s intake tool is equipped with decision support and guided workflows to help you stay ahead of medical and nonmedical exemptions.

Test results tracking

Conquer testing requirements with our robust tracking system, proactively engaging with employees, sending reminder emails and notifying you of any noncompliance.

Secure, compliant record handling

Ensure secure, compliant vaccination record management and document storage.

Colonial Life Vaccine Verifier

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