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We want to make sure our office becomes "The Best Territory in the Country", and we can’t do that without you. We strive to act and operate as the top territory, and hold ourselves to a high standard of structure and accountability, ensuring we pass the benefits of our efforts on to those whom we serve. We expect greatness not just from ourselves individually, but from our team as a whole.

Helping protect America's workers for over 75 years.

Experienced enrollment

With over 75 years of experience, we know how to take the stress out of an enrollment process. You’re busy with your own business, so we have over 6,300 qualified benefits counselors to handle the heavy lifting for you.

Technology leader

Our technology platform can handle any enrollment on its own, or seamlessly integrate with the systems you work with. Thanks to our tech, we successfully completed over 16,000 core benefit enrollments in 2015 alone.

Quality products

We strive to ensure our benefits are comprehensive yet simple to understand. Offering an array of both group and voluntary benefits means that many of our benefits can be employee paid, which can cost employers nothing to offer.

Added value

Think all benefit packages are the same? Think again. Colonial Life gives our insurance an extra kick compared to other providers. From complimentary Identity Theft Protection to Flu Shots, we aim to make our benefits packages more appealing and useful than your standard insurance.

Voluntary benefits plans in PA, NJ and DE

Learn more about the simple, quality benefits Colonial Life offers. Many of these benefits can be fully paid for by employees, passing the savings onto employers who want to improve their insurance offering without breaking the bank to do so.

Accident Insurance

Helps to offset unexpected medical expenses for covered accidents, as covered employees are provided a lump sum that they can use as they need.

Cancer Insurance

Offsets out of pocket expenses incurred from initial diagnosis through recovery. This coverage also provides an additional benefit for cancer screening tests, helping employees proactively monitor their health.

Critical Illness

Pays a lump sum benefit to an insured should they come down with a covered illness. These payments can be used however the employee needs, so they can focus on healing and returning to work.

Life Insurance

Allows employees to tailor their coverage to their own needs, offering financial protection to their loved ones should they pass away.

Dental Insurance

Working to keep those teeth healthy! Unlike most dental plans, ours can work as a voluntary benefit, acting as a competitive offering while passing no direct costs on to employers.

Disability Insurance

Both Long Term Disability and Short Term Disability Insurance replace a portion of an employee’s income should they become unable to work. Employers can also allow their workforce to tailor their own coverage to meet an individual's needs.

Hospital Indemnity

Helps to offset the financial gaps caused by hospital stays or covered outpatient procedures. If employers want to save money by moving to a higher deductible medical plan, this voluntary benefit can be appealing to employees who want extra protection.

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