Combined Generic Callout Card

Cards group related information visually, resembling a playing card, to encourage users to click or tap to view more details. Cards contain content and an action about a single subject.When it makes sense, cards can have a few actions but they should still all be related to a single subject. Cards should be used to callout a piece of content for a user to consume in greater detail.

Content Variations


Examples of cards below

These are only examples as we know.

If you have a questions about what is possible, please reach out. 

Title, Description, Top Image and CTA

Title with decorative bar, Description, and CTA

The people behind Colonial Life’s promise

You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. Live everyday to the fullest. Tell your friends and family they’re loved while you can.

Title, Description and Card Icon

These cards are currently only used on our Product portfolio pages. 

Title and Top Image

Cards presented in this format are usually found in our Resource Center.