Highlight Section

This component provides a way to visually separate related content groupings to create clearer content structures.

The Highlight Section component is meant to be utilized with the following internal components:

  • All frame sets
  • New Content
  • Card
  • Video
  • Form
  • File Download
  • Table
  • Accordion

Content Variations

Default light theme highlight example

Claim information

Filing online saves you time.

Help is on the way. Start filing your online claim now. To receive your money even faster, login to your account and enroll in direct deposit.

And if you need assistance, we're here! Simply call 1-800-325-4368, and one of our specialists will take care of you.

Dark theme highlight example

Here is example content

As you can see, when using the dark HSC color option, it changes the text to be legible. Pretty nifty huh?

HSC full width with NCC and video

Here is a video heading

At Colonial Life, sometimes we display videos. You have the ability to place a video inside a Highlight section, should you so choose. The possibilities are endless!

NCC with small HSC

Are your clients ready for the future of leave and absence management?


HSC color options

All Colonial Life light and dark color palette options are now available options for use with the Highlight Section component. For the full list, please see the Colors page for details.