Flexible payroll options

When it comes to payroll, every business has different needs. Whether you use a payroll solution or not, Gathr has options to either meet all your payroll needs or fill in gaps with your existing process. Flexible options allow you to choose what works for your unique situation.

Payroll sync (included)

Gathr can help you keep your payroll accurate and up-to-date by automatically compiling a list of employee changes that affect paychecks. These changes might include new employees, salary changes and dependent changes. A simple, automatically generated checklist assists the administrator to help ensure updates are completed across systems.

Payroll integration (add-on)

Gathr can connect with your existing payroll solution, with current and future integrations to a growing number of payroll systems. Reduce time spent on manual updates and duplicative data entry and seamlessly combine benefits, HR and payroll together.

Embedded payroll (add-on)

Organizations that embed the payroll solution can administer payroll from directly within the platform. Run payroll, manage employee pay, and view payroll reports from within Gathr.