Customer success story

Driving enrollment success: Seamless technology and dedicated support

We partnered with a mid-sized company facing gaps in employee benefits education and complex enrollment needs.


  • Mandatory face-to-face enrollment.
  • Multiple shifts, multi-state workforce.


Technology is increasingly playing an important role in how benefits are delivered. By seamlessly integrating with our partner's preferred benefits administration platform, Colonial Life streamlines benefits enrollment and empowers busy employees working multiple shifts and locations. Our 1-to-1 benefits counseling services and comprehensive voluntary benefits education ensured informed decision-making about coverage.

Key tactics for success

  • Flexible, responsive enrollment support for all benefit types
  • Comprehensive voluntary benefits education
  • Quick, easy personalized support with benefit experts


  • icon of an older person hugging a younger person
    100% employee participation
  • icon of person pointing at chart
    Benefits counselors onsite during multiple shifts across 14 locations.
  • icon of an almost complete circle with a dollar sign in the middle
    Doubled premium from the previous carrier.

Colonial Life internal data, 2023

Company profile

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    600 employees
  • location icon
    Three states in the Southwest
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