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Filing a claim online is quick and easy

If you need to file a claim, you’ve got enough on your plate without having to fill out forms and mail in paperwork. Filing online is fast, simple and gets you back to focusing on what’s important to you.

How online claims have helped others

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Filing my cancer claims was easy. Having it direct deposited was even easier for me, no need to wait in lines at the bank. Love it!! Just filed a wellness visit and payment was already received. Thank you.
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The website is great, I am not great with computers but it was so easy to file my claim and I loved that is showed me exactly when it was accepted and when my refund was mailed out. Great experience.
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Claims are super easy to process online. The website is user friendly and I love that my claim was paid within days directly into my bank account.
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Filing online saves you time

Life moves quickly, and we think the claims process should, too.

Filing online is fast and easy – and along with direct deposit, gets your money to you quicker. Your benefits, when you need them most, are just a few clicks away.

Unable to file a claim online? We offer claims and service related forms, including the Loss of Life form.