The state of public sector benefits

Aired March 3, 2021

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While the pandemic has challenged all businesses and required employers to get creative when servicing their customers and protecting employees, public sector entities have faced their own urgency. For state, local and municipal governments, public agencies and educators, their work is critical for serving their communities. And while the public sector has always competed with the public sector for talent, the ability to offer competitive benefits is now more important than ever.

In a recent HR Trends podcast, Donna Nixon, Vice President of Pierce Group Benefits, and Steven Vermette, Vice President at Colonial Life, joined us to discuss best practices for utilizing benefits to attract and retain talent in the public sector. Donna and Steven specialize in public sector benefits and provide great insight on how to best utilize your offerings to protect your employees and simplify processes.

They discuss a wide range of topics, including:

  • The importance of benefits in offering competitive total compensation
  • Utilizing technology to streamline benefits enrollment
  • The need for comprehensive and engaging benefits education

For public sector employers, human resources professionals and plan administrators, this podcast is worth your time.

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Donna Nixon headshot

Donna Nixon

Pierce Group Benefits, Vice President

Donna Nixon is vice president of Pierce Group Benefits. She has 26 years of experience in public and private insurance, third party administration and benefit consulting. Most of Nixon's work has focused on local governments, providing her with the expertise to provide specialized service to this industry group. The scope of her experience spans virtually all aspects of benefit administration, including marketing, customer relations, claims, market trends and underwriting. Nixon provides strategic analysis to assist clients with design and development of benefit programs, controlling costs, compliance and employee communication solutions. She has organized and led team building and leadership development sessions and has worked with several forms of governing bodies.
Steve Vermette headshot

Steven Vermette

 National Sales Leader, Public Sector, Colonial Life

Steven Vermette is the National Sales Leader, Public Sector at Colonial Life. He has over three decades of experience in the benefits industry and now serves as National Public Sector Sales Leader for Colonial Life. His vision and ability to identify trends has allowed Colonial Life and its clients to adapt to the ever-changing landscape. From technology to enrollment, Vermette has an acute understanding of how voluntary benefits both protect employees and empower employers to thrive.
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