Colonial Life is committed to inclusion and diversity in our company and our communities

A message from President & CEO Tim Arnold

Tim Arnold

At Colonial Life, we understand the fight for social and racial justice is a daily effort. As a company and individuals, we have the opportunity to impact communities, change lives and create a society in which everyone can find success.

I’m incredibly proud of our efforts in launching a Social Justice Fund, which offers grants for organizations striving to end social injustice. Additionally, Colonial Life, and our parent company, Unum Group, are consistently recognized as leaders in supporting LGBTQ+ and disabled employees.

As Unum Group CEO Rick McKenney said, our commitment to inclusion and diversity is more important than ever.

When our workforce accurately represents our customers and communities, we’re able to meet their needs and rise to the challenge of protecting them during life’s unexpected moments.

I have hope in the future because I know what we can accomplish together. Being better requires having tough conversations, and we will never shy away from those. Through our inclusion and diversity work, we’re also doing our part to foster positive change and gain strength from our differences.

There’s more we need to do, both in the workplace and outside our walls, but I’m confident we can make a difference if we work together. It starts with listening to each other.

I look forward to seeing a brighter tomorrow thanks to all of our efforts today.

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