Michael Stachowiak

Senior Vice President, Sales

Mr. Stachowiak is responsible for leading the sales and recruiting activities for the company’s 14,000-member national sales organization.

Stachowiak has almost two decades’ worth of experience in sales and leadership from across the country. He joined Colonial Life in August 2020 as Vice President of Sales for the Southwest region and became Senior Vice President of Sales in December 2021. His previous experience includes leading broker and sales teams and spearheading national field and broker strategies across the West coast and in the states of California, Washington and Oregon.

Additionally, he spent several years managing the Colorado and Illinois territories as a market director. Stachowiak and his teams have been recognized for consistent growth and effectively recruiting and onboarding top sales talent.

Stachowiak is a graduate of The School of Business at Portland State University and holds a degree in business administration and human resource management.