Colonial Life research shows value of enrollment technology

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Most U.S. businesses still use good ol’ pen and paper to enroll their employees in benefits and conduct many HR tasks and requirements because they worry technology will be too confusing or expensive.

But a strong benefits provider who can bring along a trusted technology vendor can help employers save time and money, according to a new white paper released today by Colonial Life.

“High-Tech Benefits: A strong carrier can be an invaluable partner during enrollment season – and the rest of the year” uses industry and internal company research to illustrate solutions available to help employers not only survive enrollment season but also to streamline HR responsibilities the rest of the year.

The white paper explains the market opportunities available to insurance agents and brokers, the improved enrollment experience technology can provide to America’s workers, and the benefits a one-stop shop can give to businesses throughout the year.

Less than 50 percent of businesses use technology to handle enrollment season or manage time off, ACA reporting or benefits changes during the year, explained Steven Johnson, vice president in premier markets and enrollment solutions at Colonial Life. And half of those not using ben-admin technology say they believe it’s too expensive or it’s not easy to use.

“A no-cost solution that’s easy to use are two of the main values a technology system can brings to employers,” Johnson said. “When you combine a high-tech platform with the high-touch service and support of a trusted agent with the heart of a teacher, America’s workers are protected and America’s businesses can focus on building successful companies.”

The new white paper includes a case study showing how a small Southeastern construction company with just 50 employees benefited from using technology to both enroll its employees (many of whom work remotely in different cities and states) and manage many of the HR tasks the office manager carries out the rest of the year.