Explore podcasts, webinars, articles and other resources that can help you navigate the economic impacts of COVID-19.

To assist you in understanding the recent legislation that was passed to support employers and employees, we are sharing relevant podcasts and webinars created by Unum Group, of which Colonial Life is a subsidiary. These resources are available to help you take advantage of these opportunities, as well as remain compliant with new regulations.

Webinars and Podcasts

Webinar: Families First Coronavirus Response Act

The impact of COVID-19 is expanding nationwide and significantly impacting the workplace. After landmark debate and development, legislation has been enacted with the Families First Coronavirus Act which includes the expansion of FMLA and the addition of the Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act. Employers are trying to understand their obligation and how it impacts their workforce.


Survey shows how employees are approaching return to work planning

Key trends have emerged among employers as they've managed the COVID-19 crisis and their plans going forward.

Help your employees handle coronavirus isolation

Working remotely creates more than just technological challenges for employees. Checking in on your employees and simply asking, “What can I do to help?” is more important than ever.

Tips to manage work, school during coronavirus

What happens when the line between work and home is blurred? We’re all wearing multiple hats right now and it’s important to find the right balance.

Financial tips for turbulent times

The economic challenges of the pandemic are being felt across the globe. Take advantage of the resources and information available to help you manage your finances.

Stay connected with team during coronavirus outbreak

As working from home becomes the new normal for many, it creates unique challenges for managers. Learn how you can stay connected even when you’re physically disconnected.

Balancing elder care while working at home

Seniors are among those at highest risk for serious illness from the coronavirus. For those caring for an older relative or friend, it helps to have a plan to manage your time.

Stay fit while working from home

Sure, you’re doing all the right things to stay healthy right now — washing your hands, avoiding public places, working from home. Here’s another strategy to add to your health hacks: exercise.

Stay alert to phishing scams amid coronavirus outbreak

As the world navigates the coronavirus outbreak, phishers are taking advantage of this uncertain time and scamming employees and organizations. Learn how to avoid getting scammed.