The unusual team building methods of famous bosses

Team building activities are a great way to bring employees together, boost morale and potentially learn new skills. In order to retain employees’ interests, it’s important to keep these events new and fresh, allowing individuals to try something different and in some cases, somewhere different.

Team building methods can vary greatly, and in recent years have tended to move further away from the traditional afternoon of employees coming together to perform ‘trust falls’, for example. Nowadays, there are many ways in which to bring employees together using activities that focus on different elements of your business.

For some employers, the wackier or more entertaining the team building activity the better. As our latest infographic shows, bosses at the likes of Yahoo!, Facebook and Uber have all found new and exciting ways to bring their employees together, whether through sailing trips, karaoke sessions or ‘family dinners’. Some, such as the head of UK-based Admiral, have gone that step further, introducing ‘egg roulette’, which sees employees crack eggs above their heads, with 1 in six eggs being raw… While it’s unconventional, as a fun way of uniting people it might just work.

Find out more about these unusual team building activities below. What’s the weirdest team building session that you’ve been involved with?

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