10 of the most successful family run businesses

Money Grows on Family Trees

Over the last 50 years the face of modern day business has changed dramatically in response to improvements in transport, technology and a change in the way we communicate and interact with one another due to the rise of social media and the creation of the internet. However, one thing that has not changed is the dominance of family run businesses as economic powerhouses in the global marketplace. Family ties continue to prove beneficial in creating a successful business and budding business minds clearly seem to run in the family.

So, what makes family run businesses so successful? Family unity? A shared vision? A driving desire to prepare for the next generation? Honestly, there is no one clear answer.

All we know is that some of their stories need to be shared: Whether it’s pushing the boundaries of what we previously thought was possible in building the tallest building in the world or saving millions of lives with innovative new drugs, we can all learn something from family run businesses. Who knows, maybe you and your family could have the potential to make it to the big time.



Infographic illustrating the success of different family run businesses