Enrollment is essential. Virtual makes it possible.

Think now is not the time for enrollment? Whether your employees are working from home or returning to the job site, virtual enrollment allows them to safely and confidentially speak with dedicated benefits counselors.

Wherever "here" is for you, Colonial Life is there

Contact your Colonial Life agent to learn about our flexible enrollment solutions and how you can continue to protect your employees.


Through co-browsing and video chat, we can ensure employees are given the attention they deserve with a friendly and knowledgeable benefits counselor on the other side of the screen.


We can also connect with your employees by phone, ensuring they have the support they need to make the choices that are best for them.


The convenience of online self-service enrollment allows employees to make their choices on their own time.

Virtual but still personal

Technology allows us to connect, but it's our people who make those connections matter.
Check out the video below to see how our benefits counselors use virtual enrollment to help employees.
Man with laptop

Virtual enrollment benefits

Virtual enrollment allows your employees to meet directly with our benefits counselors – with video and co-browsing capabilities -- wherever they’re located and receive the guidance they need to make the right selections for their families.

Simplifying enrollment is part of what we do best. And it’s not new to us. In fact, we’ve been offering virtual enrollments for more than 10 years. It’s all part of how we deliver compassion and expertise to you and your employees, even if we can’t be there in person with you right now. Download our Flexible Enrollment brochure to learn more about how we make benefits simple.


Real people, real connections

Co-browsing is a convenient way to share an employee’s benefit options with them online. They are sent a link to their enrollment and, with one click, can be connected to their benefits counselor via conference call, video chat or screen share.

It puts control in your employees’ hands, enabling them to select the coverage they want while a benefits counselor walks them through everything.
Never miss an enrollment

Never miss an enrollment session

It’s easy for employees to schedule benefits counseling sessions through our online scheduler.
In just minutes, employees can register for their appointment and receive a calendar invite — ensuring they don’t miss their enrollment session.

Life gets complicated. Colonial Life makes enrollment simple.


We help employees understand their benefits

Benefits communication and education is at the core of employees’ understanding and appreciation of the benefits you provide to them. Our multi-channel approach ensures employees are engaged and informed.

We pair people with technology

From virtual 1-to-1 enrollments to easy online scheduling, there is always a member of our team behind our technology dedicated to creating an engaging experience for employees.

We meet your employees where they are

With multiple enrollment methods, we’re able to empower every one of your employees to make informed decisions about the benefits best suited to their families and lifestyles.
Flexible Solutions

Unexpected but never unprepared

Even in the best of times, life doesn't always go as planned

For more information, download our Flexible Enrollment brochure or speak with your Colonial Life agent.